Josh & Kathy Banuelos

Video debuted at Champion Forest on Sunday, February 10th, 2019

As they sat in their El Paso home and watched the devastation of Hurricane Harvey on the news, Josh & Kathy knew they had to help. They packed up a few tools and supplies and began their journey.

After landing on a relief crew from Champion Forest, their experience made changed their lives forever. Their story is one of trusting the Lord’s call, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense.

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Flourish Series Launch

We’re almost halfway there!

This past Sunday, February 3rd was a momentous day! As we near the midway mark of our 2-year Multiply Generosity Initiative, we are thankful for all God has done in us and through us.

We have been praying boldly about what God wants for us in the coming year. He has been inspiring, encouraging, and challenging us all year long, but just like with Abraham, God did not bless us so we could keep that blessing to ourselves; He blessed us so we could extend and multiply that blessing to others. Therefore, we must continue to ask God what he has next for us. 

Over the next five weeks, let’s open God’s word and our hearts as we journey through the book of Acts. We encourage everyone to bring their booklets that you recevied on Sunday and to take notes each week. Our prayer is that the seed of faith that has begun in each of us will flourish like never before!

Key Dates:

  • February 3rd – 5-Week Sermon Series “Flourish” begins.
  • March 3rd – Commitment Sunday
  • March 31st – Anniversary Give, One-Year Mark of Multiply
Want to download digital versions of the Flourish Booklet or the One-Year Commitment Card? Click on the links below…

Multiply Story | Gary & Sharon

Gary and Sharon Kemp, who attend the Champions Campus, found the depths of God’s faithfulness through their journey. Their hope is by sharing their story, it will inspire others to a deeper place of trust and surrender, knowing the Lord is good through it all!

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Multiply Story | Marty & Thelma

Marty & Thelma Scruggs, who attend the Jersey Village Campus, struggled through launching a business in the midst of Harvey. God led them to commit to Multiply, even when it seemed impossible, and the faith lessons learned have been life-changing.

Are you ready to join this faith journey with us as we commit to all God has called us to at Champion Forest? There’s still time for you to join us, click here to learn about making a Multiply commitment.

CFBC Proposed Budget 2018/2019

Read below from a letter that was mailed to CFBC members on September 7th, 2018. Click link at bottom for budget numbers.

Hello Champion Forest family!

We are excited to present our first official budget within the two-year Multiply Generosity Initiative. We are only six months into the fulfillment phase of our commitments, but already we are seeing God faithfully multiply what he is so generous to supply.

This year’s budget represents a significant increase, thanks to God’s provision and your generosity. The increases you will notice reflect our commitment to fully staff and resource ministry at the highest level at each of our four current locations. These increases also reflect our commitment to growing disciples who are making disciples, Multiplying Deeper as we follow Jesus.

You are also making it possible to Multiply Wider with four locations across NW Houston. There are already several campus improvement projects underway at Champions. We are also in the design phase for improvements at Jersey Village and the renovation of our new facility in Conroe. Phase one of our North Klein facility is expected to be completed in time for Easter Sunday.

Finally, your generosity is making it possible to Multiply Further, as we take the good news of Jesus around the world. This budget represents a significant increase both in giving to missions and in going. We are stepping up our financial support through faithful partnerships, and more of us will be able to engage in Great Commission work ourselves, going further than ever before.

This year’s budget will be presented in our midweek services September 19th& 20thand approved on September 26th& September 27th. I am confident, with God and our generosity, that we can meet this year’s budget. If you have already committed to Multiply, thank you, and keep giving! If you haven’t, or haven’t started giving yet, now is the time to get in on the blessing by registering your faith commitment at and beginning to give to Multiply.

Thank you for your faithfulness to give, you are making a multiplied difference!

Pastor David

View Proposed Budget Here.


July Newsletter

The July Newsletter has been hitting homes and we are so excited to share with you about just a tiny fraction of all God is doing at Champion Forest over the last quarter. This newsletter covers the period of March 25th through the end of June 2018. We will be sending out quarterly newsletters throughout this Multiply journey as we grow in our faith and generosity at Champion Forest Baptist Church.

Click here to download/view the newsletter.

One Fund

We are so excited to enter this next phase of generosity and ministry at CFBC. In this short video pastor David walks us through what “One Fund” is all about.

Dr. David Fleming, Senior Pastor

Multiply Conversations |
Jersey Village

Today’s conversation is all about CFBC’s southernmost location… Jersey Village! God is moving and restoring a great ministry in the heart of Northwest Houston through our Jersey Village campus.

Dr. David Fleming, Senior Pastor
George Moore, Jersey Village Campus Pastor

Multiply Conversations | Conroe

Today’s video is all about Conroe! From our original Conroe location at La Iglesia Del Buen Pastor, to now currently at C3, and looking ahead to the Kroger. God has paved the way for us to make a huge impact in English and Spanish! Our Conroe campus has immeasurable potential and we can’t wait to see what God will do.

Dr. David Fleming, Senior Pastor
Chris Smartt, Campus Pastor (English)
Esteban Vazquez, Campus Pastor (Spanish)

Multiply Conversations | Multi-Site

*UPDATE – Due to weather concerns, the North Klein groundbreaking is being postponed.

Today’s conversation is all about Champion Forest’s Multi-site strategy. Almost 5 years ago we became “One church in two locations” with the launch of our then North Campus (now North Klein). CFBC is now one church in four locations and God is blessing this efficient strategy of spreading the gospel in our Jerusalem, Northwest Houston.

Dr. David Fleming, Senior Pastor
Dr. Stephen Trammell, Executive Pastor and Lead Pastor at North Klein

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