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Kids World of Worship (WoW)

Kids World of Worship (WoW) is a program of worship, praise, discovery and games on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm-8:00pm in the Kids Building (second floor). The program begin on August 24th through the end of the school year. The kids learn hymns, play games, and rehearse new worship songs. The program is open to children who are 4 before September, 2016 through 5th Grade. (The program for Preschool and Kindergarten is adapted for their age group.) If you have questions about WoW, please contact Beth Mitchell.

Want to Volunteer?

We love volunteers! No musical abilities are necessary; just a heart that loves children and wants to teach them about Jesus!

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What We Do

WoW Worship (Pre-K through 5th)

If your child loves to worship or if they aren’t sure how to, then WoW is the place for them. We have an exciting and fun time of praise and worship with Biblical teaching. We get a little crazy in here!! Kids will then learn their hymn of the month (grade level appropriate) where they learn about the composer, biblical truths in the hymn, as well as play games. They will also join together for choir time where they work on music, encompassing a variety of styles that are fun and worshipful.


The WoW choirs prepare throughout the year to share in worship in our Wednesday service and Sunday morning services. We also have a Spring Performance where we present an exciting musical based on a biblical concept. We love sharing with the church what amazing worshipers we have in our choirs. They love Jesus and love to sing His praises. In the Spring we perform a musical including drama, choreography and solos!

"A Different Me" Album

A Different MeThe first ever Champion Forest Kids Worship Album has been recorded is now available at the Media Booth and on iTunes (search –Champion Forest Kids) We had a great time recording with the kids and can't wait for you to hear the amazing heart of worship from the kids of CFBC.

Available on iTunes

DQT (Daily Quiet Time) / Beth's Blog

If you missed WoW you can download the information that is sent home each week.

May 2017
Beth's Blog 5/31/17 [Download]
Star Quest Devo 5/10/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 5/10/17 [Download]
Star Quest Devo 5/03/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 5/03/17 [Download]
April 2017
Star Quest Devo 1st-5th Grade 4/26/17 [Download]
Star Quest Devo PK/K 4/26/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 4/26/17 [Download]
Star Quest Devo 1st-5th Grade 4/19/17 [Download]
Star Quest Devo PK/K 4/19/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 4/19/17 [Download]
Star Quest Devo 1st-5th Grade 4/12/17 [Download]
Star Quest Devo PK/K 4/12/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 4/12/17 [Download]
Star Quest Devo 1st-5th Grade 4/5/17 [Download]
Star Quest Devo PK/K 4/5/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 4/5/17 [Download]
March 2017
Star Quest Devo 1st-5th Grade 3/29/17 [Download]
Star Quest Devo PK/K 3/29/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 3/29/17 [Download]
Star Quest Devo 1st-5th Grade 3/22/17 [Download]
Star Quest Devo PK/K 3/22/17 [Download]
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Star Quest Devo 3/8/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 3/8/17 [Download]
Star Quest Devo 3/1/17 [Download]
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February 2017
DQT 2/22/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 2/22/17 [Download]
DQT 2/15/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 2/15/17 [Download]
DQT 2/8/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 2/8/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 2/1/17 [Download]
PK/K February Hymn DQT [Download]
1st Grade February Hymn DQT [Download]
2nd Grade February Hymn DQT [Download]
3rd Grade February Hymn DQT [Download]
4th Grade February Hymn DQT [Download]
5th Grade February Hymn DQT [Download]
January 2017
DQT 1/25/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 1/25/17 [Download]
DQT 1/18/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 1/18/17 [Download]
DQT 1/11/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 1/11/17 [Download]
Beth's Blog 1/4/17 [Download]
PK/K January Hymn DQT [Download]
1st Grade January Hymn DQT [Download]
2nd Grade January Hymn DQT [Download]
3rd Grade January Hymn DQT [Download]
4th Grade January Hymn DQT [Download]
5th Grade January Hymn DQT [Download]
November 2016
PK/K Dec Hymn DQT [Download]
1st Grade Dec Hymn DQT [Download]
2nd Grade Dec Hymn DQT [Download]
3rd Grade Dec Hymn DQT [Download]
4th Grade Dec Hymn DQT [Download]
5th Grade Dec Hymn DQT [Download]
Beth's Blog 11/16/16 [Download]
PK/K Nov Hymn DQT [Download]
1st Grade Nov Hymn DQT [Download]
2nd Grade Nov Hymn DQT [Download]
3rd Grade Nov Hymn DQT [Download]
4th Grade Nov Hymn DQT [Download]
5th Grade Nov Hymn DQT [Download]
Beth's Blog 11/9/16 [Download]
DQT 11/2/16 [Download]
Beth's Blog 11/2/16 [Download]
October 2016
DQT 10/26/16 [Download]
Beth's Blog 10/26/16 [Download]
DQT 10/19/16 [Download]
Beth's Blog 10/19/16 [Download]
DQT 10/12/16 [Download]
Beth's Blog 10/12/16 [Download]
DQT 10/5/16 [Download]
Beth's Blog 10/5/16 [Download]
PK/K Hymn Oct DQT [Download]
1st Grade Oct Hymn DQT [Download]
2nd Grade Oct Hymn DQT [Download]
3rd Grade Oct Hymn DQT [Download]
4th Grade Oct Hymn DQT [Download]
5th Grade Oct Hymn DQT [Download]
September 2016
Beth's Blog 9/28/16 [Download]
DQT 9/21/16 [Download]
Beth's Blog 9/21/16 [Download]
Beth's Blog 9/14/16 [Download]
DQT 9/7/16 [Download]
Beth's Blog 9/7/16 [Download]
August 2016
DQT 8/24/16 [Download]
Beth's Blog 8/24/16 [Download]
Kid's Praise Team Information [Download]
For more information, please email Beth Mitchell or call (281) 586-8742.