Online Mission Trips Registration is temporarily closed as we process registrations. Contact the student office for questions about registration.

Student Mission Trips

We are excited about our addition of student mission trips and the new online application/registration for 2017 Summer Mission Trips. This will allow us to take more students on mission and share the love of Jesus to several locations. Online registration is available November 13th thru January 8th and can only accept a one-time payment in full or deposit. Additional payments will need to be made by check or cash at the student building or trainings. Students will be selected for the trips based on the following criteria:

  • Life Group attendance
  • Member of CFBC

The Mission Trip Parent Meeting is January 8th at 6pm, Cypress Creek Campus, The Lodge. Attendance is required at the meeting and deposits are due on or before January 8, 2017. A Parent/Student Commitment Form will be available at the meeting to complete your registration. Registration and deposits received after January 8th will be placed on a waiting list.

Online registration is recommended but does not guarantee that your student will automatically be selected for the mission trip. If your student does not meet the requirements to go on the trip they will be placed on a waiting list or we will issue a refund for the amount paid.

Summer 2017 Mission Trips

All trips will leave on June 18th but will have different return dates. For more information click on the trip below. All grades are current grades of 2016-2017 school year.

10th - 12th Grade  |  Boston, Massachusetts
Dates June 18th - June 24th
Cost $699 or $200 deposit

9th Grade  |  New Orleans, Louisiana
Dates June 18th - June 24th
Cost $399 or $150 deposit

9th - 12th Grade  |  Conroe, Texas
Dates June 18th - June 23rd
Cost $125 or $50 deposit

7th & 8th Grade  |  Round Rock, Texas
Dates June 18th - June 22nd
Cost $299 or $100 deposit

6th Grade  |  Inner City Houston
Dates June 18th - June 21st
Cost $150 or $50 deposit

Please Note...

* High School Students that desire a less expensive option are welcome to sign up for the New Orleans or Conroe trip
* 8th Grade Conroe students that have pastor approval can sign up for the Conroe trip