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Accept and love all children, provide a secure environment, and help children see the Word come to Life.

The staff and volunteers in the JV Kidz (Children/Preschool) Ministry supply a Christian foundation for children; prepare families to be Kingdom-centered; accept and love all children; provide a secure environment; and help children grow in faith. Your children will feel right at home in the Children’s Building surrounded by brightly colored walls, imaginative murals and warm smiles! We have two outdoor playgrounds, an indoor playground and a game room for them to play with their friends and make new ones! The youngest to oldest child who participates in the JVBC Kidz Ministry will find they are truly loved! Visit this Sunday and let us take you on a tour. We will help you find the right classroom and group for your child. Contact Children/Preschool Minister Nancy Bergeron for questions.

A Secure Environment

Security is a top priority. We have several security measures in place to make sure that your children are in a safe and secure environment. Everyone who works with children, including all volunteers, must have a clear background check. The preschool hallway of the JV Kidz Building is equipped with a thumb reader. Only parents and children's workers who have been registered in our system are permitted into this locked area. Parents are provided a special code to access the secured area. Guests with children will be provided access to their children's rooms. In addition, all children, newborn through pre-kindergarten, will receive a numbered wristband when dropped off in their Bible Study class, and parents receive a matching band. Parents must present the matching wristband when picking up their children.

Sunday Morning

Our volunteer teachers come ready with a Beginning Activity that introduces the Bible lesson for the morning and props to use in bringing the Bible event to life. Our morning Sunday School and Worship Schedule is as follows:

  • 9:00am-10:15am Sunday School classes for Newborn-5th Grade
  • 10:15am-12:00pm Preschool Worship and Kidz Worship

Newborn - Ones

During the Worship Hour, the Newborn-Ones classes stay in the same classrooms as Sunday School and enjoy age appropriate music, activities, rides on the Bye Bye Buggy, as well as loving care.

Twos - Pre-K

During the Worship Hour, we bring this age group together for an active time of singing, Bible lesson using props, costumes, and games to bring the Bible to life, memory verse, and prayer!

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

During the Worship Hour, Kindergarten-3rd Graders attend Kidz Worship! We have great fun learning what the Worship Hour is like in “Big Church”, complete with music, offering, Bible lesson, playacting, storyboards, videos, games, and more. Our goal is to prepare them to be in worship with parents by assisting them with looking up the scripture reference, understanding what prayer is, talking to God, and much more! They will learn that there is a time to talk and a time to listen. It is a training ground we take quite seriously!

4th & 5th Grade

We believe it is important for children to worship together with their parents before they enter the teen years when many teens sit together in church. Every promotion Sunday in August we will recognize these new big church attenders. Here at JVBC, 4th and 5th graders go to the worship service with their parents or grandparents and have the opportunity to see them worship the Lord through song, Bible study, and making decisions for Christ. On occasion when the sermon is over a sensitive topic, 4th and 5th graders will be invited to attend Kidz Worship.

Pre-Teen Prep U is a fun way to get your 4th and 5th graders focused while they are in the worship service. Through Worship Activity Pages, they are introduced to the different parts of the worship service. After completing four pages, they will receive a special treat for their accomplishment!

Sunday Evening

Bible Drill is available for 3rd-5th graders and a great opportunity to learn so much more about their own personal Bible! Children in this age group learn to find every book in the Bible by learning the order of books, learn to quote key scriptures they will use in life, and have the opportunity to compete with other children from other churches at the Associational and State drills!

The participants absolutely love Bible Drill because every time they say a group of verses or complete a worksheet, they are rewarded a piece of candy from Mr. Wayne! He has found the secret of getting them to work hard!

  • 5:30pm-6:45pm Bible Drill in Kidz Building - Room 211
For more information, please email Nancy Bergeron.